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1/1. Accidental mydriasis from exposure to Angel's trumpet (datura suaveolens).

    PURPOSE: To report clinical findings after accidental instillation into the eye of sap from Angel's trumpet (datura suaveolens). methods: We report findings on seven patients who developed sudden onset of unilateral mydriasis. At least three of them also had ipsilateral cycloplegia and one developed transient tachycardia. RESULTS: The symptoms evolved after ocular exposure to sap from Angel's trumpet, a plant containing natural alkaloids with parasympatholytic properties. Six patients were initially unaware of the cause of their symptoms. In these cases, patient history revealed recent contact with Angel's trumpet. CONCLUSION: Accidental ocular instillation of sap from Angel's trumpet should be noted as a cause of sudden onset of mydriasis in otherwise unaffected patients and also of general symptoms like tachycardia.
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