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1/2. The effects of injection of bovine vaccine into a human digit: a case report.

    BACKGROUND: The incidence of needlestick injuries in farmers and veterinary surgeons is significant and the consequences of such an injection can be serious. CASE PRESENTATION: We report accidental injection of bovine vaccine into the base of the little finger. This resulted in increased pressure in the flexor sheath causing signs and symptoms of ischemia. amputation of the digit was required despite repeated surgical debridement and decompression. CONCLUSION: There have been previous reports of injection of oil-based vaccines into the human hand resulting in granulomatous inflammation or sterile abscess and causing morbidity and tissue loss. Self-injection with veterinary vaccines is an occupational hazard for farmers and veterinary surgeons. Injection of vaccine into a closed compartment such as the human finger can have serious sequelae including loss of the injected digit. These injuries are not to be underestimated. Early debridement and irrigation of the injected area with decompression is likely to give the best outcome. Frequent review is necessary after the first procedure because repeat operations may be required. ( info)

2/2. central nervous system and vertebral malformation resembling the Arnold-Chiari syndrome in a Simmental calf.

    Multiple congenital anomalies were identified in a stillborn calf, including severe cerebellar hypoplasia and central nervous system abnormalities resembling the Arnold-Chiari syndrome of malformation of calves. The arnold-chiari malformation occurs sporadically and has little economic impact, whereas cerebellar hypoplasia implies the presence of BVD virus in the herd. ( info)

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