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1/1. Cerebrospinal acanthamebic granulomas. Case report.

    The authors present the case of a previously healthy 26-year-old man who presented with cerebrospinal acanthamebic granulomas, and they review the literature on acanthamebic granulomas of the central nervous system (CNS). The appearance of the lesion on imaging studies suggested the presence of tuberculous granulomas, which are common in india, and antituberculosis treatment was started. Despite surgical excision of a granuloma located in the right temporoparietal region and an intramedullary granuloma at T7-8, the disease progressed and resulted in death. Unlike other cases, this patient was not immunocompromised, had no history of engaging in water activities, and had no ulcers on his body, leaving in question the mode of entry used by the ameba. Acanthamebic granulomas can cause severe infections in healthy patients as well as in sick ones. This disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis when treating infective granulomas of the CNS.
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