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1/2. Microscopic colitis: a report of two cases.

    Microscopic colitis is characterized by chronic, watery, secretory diarrhea, with a normal or near-normal gross appearance of the colonic mucosa. biopsy is diagnostic and usually reveals either lymphocytic colitis or collagenous colitis. The symptoms of collagenous colitis appear most commonly in the sixth decade. With collagenous colitis, the major microscopic characteristic is a thickened collagen layer beneath the colonic mucosa, and with lymphocytic colitis, an increase number of intraepithelial lymphocytes. Clinically, collagenous colitis is characterized by long-standing diarrhea. In patients with lymphocytic colitis, the duration of diarrhea is usually shorter and female predominance is less apparent. We report two cases of lymphocytic colitis in elderly women. Both presented with watery diarrhea of two month duration and weight loss. Extensive investigations were done and several medications failed to stop their diarrhea. biopsy revealed lymphocytic colitis. Their diarrhea responded well to cholestyramine. ( info)

2/2. Autoimmune hepatitis in association with lymphocytic colitis.

    Autoimmune hepatitis is a rare, chronic inflammatory disorder which has been associated with a number of other auto-immune conditions. However, there are no reports in the medical literature of an association with microscopic (lymphocytic) colitis. We report the case of a 53-year-old woman with several autoimmune conditions, including lymphocytic colitis, who presented with an acute hepatitis. On the basis of the clinical features, serology, and histopathology, we diagnosed autoimmune hepatitis. To our knowledge, this is the first report of autoimmune hepatitis in association with lymphocytic colitis, and lends support to the theory of an autoimmune etiology for lymphocytic colitis. ( info)

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