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1/1. Transtibial amputation with plantar flap for congenital deficiency of the tibia.

    disarticulation of the knee has been the preferred treatment for the severe type (Type Ia and Type Ib classification of Jones et al) of congenital deficiency of the tibia because of marked flexion contracture of the knee and loss of quadriceps function. In such cases, the disarticulated stump is often small and poorly covered by soft tissues because of dysplastic femoral condyles and calf muscles. Therefore, stump complications after disarticulation may prevent early aggressive walking exercises and delay independent ambulation. To overcome this problem, a greater weightbearing surface was created by a transtibial amputation with a short stump of the fibula using the flexed knee. By this method, the distal femoral condyle and the anterior surface of the fibula were used for weightbearing. In addition, coverage of the new weightbearing area by a neurovascular pedicled sensate plantar flap provided a more tolerable weightbearing site. The purpose of the current study was to report a 5-year-old boy with bilateral congenital total deficiency of both tibias, who was treated using this technique. The patient was ambulating independently 15 weeks after surgery. A transtibial amputation with a plantar flap is an alternative procedure to knee disarticulation for the severe type of congenital deficiency of the tibia.
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