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1/28. Purpuric agave dermatitis.

    agave americana is a low growing, thick, long-leaved, subtropical plant used for medicinal, commercial, and ornamental purposes. The plant's sap contains calcium oxalate crystals, acrid oils, saponins, and other compounds. Despite these known irritants, agave-induced irritant dermatitis has rarely been reported. Previous case reports have noted a papulovesicular eruption consistent with an irritant contact dermatitis. We report a case of agave-induced purpura in an otherwise healthy patient. Histopathology was consistent with an evolving leukocytoclastic vasculitis. ( info)

2/28. blister beetle periorbital dermatitis and keratoconjunctivitis in tanzania.

    Two cases of periorbital dermatitis and one case of keratoconjunctivitis following contact with blister beetle are presented. In tanzania and kenya the commonest blister beetle is known as Nairobi Fly and is of the genus Paederus. Ocular symptoms are common, usually secondary to transfer by the fingers of the toxic chemical involved from elsewhere on the skin. blister beetle keratoconjunctivitis has not previously been described in detail. ( info)

3/28. Severe anaphylaxis after a chlorhexidine bath.

    anaphylaxis to chlorhexidine is rare. We report a patient who experienced anaphylaxis during a whole body bath with chlorhexidine. Early signs of a type I allergy may have been masked because of previous concomitant treatment with corticosteroids and PUVA. ( info)

4/28. Successfully managing incontinence-related irritant dermatitis across the lifespan.

    The management of irritant dermatitis caused by incontinence is not always an easy patient care problem to solve. A brief review of the literature demonstrated that irritant dermatitis from body fluids is either not an issue in the healthcare arena or that only a few individuals have recognized it as a healthcare concern. Many products are used to treat this type of dermatitis, yet this can be a very challenging problem for the clinician and painful problem for the patient. It is imperative for healthcare providers to be aware of the effects of stool and urine on the skin, how products interact with body waste, and how to manage this problem properly. ( info)

5/28. Crystal deodorant dermatitis: irritant dermatitis to alum-containing deodorant.

    Two patients developed an irritant dermatitis of the axillae shortly after using an over-the-counter "natural deodorant crystal" product containing alum. We discuss this previously unreported, untoward reaction to alum, an ancient agent with newfound popularity as an alternative health product. ( info)

6/28. Protein contact dermatitis in food workers. Case report of a meat sorter and summary of seven other cases.

    Protein contact dermatitis (PCD) in food handlers is caused by a type I allergy to foods. We report a 17-year-old meat sorter who presented with hand dermatitis. patch tests with the standard series were negative. Prick testing was positive with lamb liver, ox liver and a mixture of lamb and beef blood. We also summarize seven cases of other food workers with PCD. ( info)

7/28. Purpuric irritant contact dermatitis induced by agave americana.

    The sap of agave americana, a popular ornamental plant, may cause irritant contact dermatitis. This rare eruption is typically vesiculopapular; however, a new purpuric variant with evidence of leukocytoclastic vasculitis has recently been reported. We report an additional case of a purpuric eruption associated with severe constitutional symptoms further supporting a possible vasculitic component. Both cases resulted from direct exposure to sap propelled by a chainsaw. We speculate that oxalic acid crystals, which are recognized systemic toxins, are embedded in the skin with resulting oxalism, which may result in vascular damage. ( info)

8/28. Contact dermatitis complicating pinnaplasty.

    proflavine allergy is uncommon, occurring in approximately 6% of patients attending contact dermatitis clinics. proflavine wool is used by many surgeons in the UK as a dressing that can be moulded to conform to the contours of a corrected prominent ear. It may have bacteriostatic properties. We present a case where contact dermatitis in response to proflavine developed after pinnaplasty. This caused diagnostic confusion, a lengthened hospital stay and an unsightly hypertrophic scar. ( info)

9/28. Irritant contact dermatitis complicated by deep-seated staphylococcal infection caused by a hair relaxer.

    Chemical hair relaxers are used by many women to straighten their hair. We describe a case of a deep soft tissue staphylococcal abscess that complicated an irritant contact dermatitis from a hair relaxer treatment. ( info)

10/28. Contact dermatitis due to povidone-iodine: allergic or irritant?

    A contact dermatitis due to to povidone-iodine (PI) which seemed to be a strong irritant reaction is described. Nevertheless, patch-test results suggested an allergic reaction that is cell mediated. ( info)
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