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1/1. Clinical and experimental studies on tong yu ling in the treatment of diabetic hyperlipemia.

    72 diabetes mellitus patients (70 cases non-insulin-dependent) were treated routinely with D860. After one month, cases with persisting hyperglycemia and hyperlipemia were randomly divided into Group A to be treated with D860 plus Tong Yu Ling (TYL), and Group B to continue treatment with D860 alone, while Group C, comprising cases with persisting hyperlipemia only, were treated with TYL alone. Therapeutic results showed that of the total 50 cases of Group A and C, 26 were markedly improved, 14 improved, and 10 cases ineffective. The antihyperlipemic effect was pronounced in Group A, where the blood cholesterol, beta-lipoprotein and triglyceride showed remarkable decline, less pronounced in Group C, and insignificant in Group B. Experiments in rat models of non-insulin-dependent diabetes demonstrated that TYL was markedly effective in treating hyperlipemia.
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