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1/1. Treatment of glossodynia with olanzapine.

    A 73-year-old white male with a 6-month history of glossodynia, unresponsive to clotrimazole troches, cevimeline, triamcinolone dental paste, paroxetine, and lorazepam presented to the dermatology clinic for consultation. work-up revealed no oral abnormalities and no underlying systemic disorder. He denied symptoms consistent with a psychiatric disorder. A detailed free amnestic assessment by a board certified Geriatric Psychiatrist (John S. Kennedy, MD) found that the patient was oppressed by the pain. He did not meet the criteria for major depression nor did he have any anxiety disorder or delusions. Because of the presence of dysphoria and anticipatory anxiety secondary to glossodynia, the patient was started on olanzapine. Improvement of pain symptoms were noted within 3 days with full resolution of symptoms at 1- and 3-month follow-ups. Dysphoria and anticipatory anxiety remitted fully upon pain relief.
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