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1/1. Craniectomy in severe, life-threatening encephalitis: a report on outcome and long-term prognosis of four cases.

    OBJECTIVE: To report the feasibility of craniectomy with duraplasty in four patients with life-threatening encephalitis and, in particular, their long-term outcome. DESIGN: Report of four cases, analysis of the acute clinical course and neurological long-term sequelae. RESULTS: Generous craniectomy with duraplasty was performed in four patients with life-threatening encephalitis leading to decortication and decerebration. This treatment approach reduced intracranial pressure. The long-term sequelae (1.5-8 years after craniectomy) confirmed its appropriateness, having led to full neurological (cerebral) function, resocialization, and reintegration into their professional life in all four patients. CONCLUSION: Craniectomy with dural augmentation is a treatment approach in cases of severe space-occupying encephalitis, not only saving the patient's life but also leading to favorable long-term outcome.
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