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1/1. Spectrum of clear corneal incision cataract wound infection.

    PURPOSE: To describe the presentation, management, and outcome of 5 patients who presented with main-port or side-port wound infection after uneventful clear corneal cataract surgery. SETTING: Ophthalmic Surgery Centre, Chatswood, and Department of ophthalmology, Prince of wales Hospital, Randwick, australia, and Moorfields eye Hospital NHS Foundation trust, london, United Kingdom. methods: This retrospective case series comprised 5 patients who had uneventful clear corneal phacoemulsification surgery and developed either a main-port or side-port wound infection. The clinical features, microbiologic studies, management, and results are reported. RESULTS: The median age of the patients was 79 years. Infection of the main-port incision occurred in 3 cases and of the side port in 2 cases. The patients presented from a few days to several weeks after uneventful phacoemulsification. In 2 cases, the bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus were isolated. In 1 case, the fungus aspergillus was isolated and required extensive medical and surgical treatment. In the other 2 cases; empiric antimicrobial therapy was given because no organism was isolated in 1 case, and in the other milder case, microbiological investigations were not performed. Final visual acuity was 6/4 in 2 cases and 6/5, 6/12, and 6/18 in 1 case each. CONCLUSIONS: Bacterial or fungal wound infection can present within days or even several weeks following clear corneal cataract surgery. patients with ocular discomfort or blurred vision after such surgery should be advised to report promptly. Rapid identification and appropriate management of patients with clear corneal wound infection can result in good visual outcomes.
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