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1/1. Acute abdominal rhabdomyolysis after body building exercise: is there a "rectus abdominus syndrome?".

    Report of a 19-year-old man who was admitted to the hospital after vigorous exercise with signs of the "acute abdomen" syndrome. Since intestinal reasons for the complaints were excluded, a myocardial infarction was considered. However, the excessively increased serum CK levels indicated a disorder of the voluntary muscles. A biopsy taken from the rectus abdominis revealed typical features of acute rhabdomyolysis, which was obviously restricted to the rectus abdominis. Together with a somewhat later observed autopsy case of a young male with acute abdominal rhabdomyolysis, also restricted to the rectus abdominis, this case gives rise to discuss, whether there exists a "rectus abdominis syndrome" analogous to the anterior tibial syndrome.
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