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21/23. oral manifestations in glycogen storage disease type 1b.

    glycogen storage disease type 1b is a rare metabolic disorder which affects the transport system of glucose-6-phosphatase metabolism. As a result, hepatomegaly, failure to thrive, renal dysfunction and recurrent infections occur in affected patients. In this paper, the oral complications in three children with glycogen storage disease type 1b are discussed. Oral ulcers were a common finding, probably due to severe neutropenia and impaired neutrophil migration which characterises the onset of this rare disorder. ( info)

22/23. erythema migrans: an unusual presentation.

    A case of erythema migrans affecting the attached gingivae and the upper and lower labial mucosa is described. No lesions were found on the tongue although this is the site most commonly affected. ( info)

23/23. Atypical migratory stomatitis and munchausen syndrome presenting as periorbital ecchymosis and mandibular subluxation.

    stomatitis areata migrans, unlike its analogue on the tongue, migratory glossitis, is not easily recognized and is so uncommon and varied in appearance that it may escape definitive diagnosis. It may be so puzzling to the clinician that the patient's credibility may be questioned. A detailed report of a case is presented in which an atypical migratory stomatitis went undiagnosed. Bizarre patient behavior followed in the form of self-inflicted injury (munchausen syndrome) as the patient attempted to convince the care providers of the true existence of lesions in order to maintain their interest and to obtain relief from discomfort. ( info)
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