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11/257. Recognition of an asymptomatic male carrier of neisseria gonorrhoeae in singapore - a case report.

    neisseria gonorrhoeae was isolated from centrifuged urine deposit of an asymptomatic male. The case history and significance of this asymptomatic infection are described. ( info)

12/257. Meningococcal colonisation misdiagnosed as gonococcal pharyngeal infection.

    Three cases of pharyngeal gonorrhoea were misdiagnosed in patients harbouring meningococci which failed to utilise maltose in CTA medium. The microbiological identity of the isolates was established by other means. Although meningococci giving atypical reactions to carbohydrate utilisation tests occur only rarely, the possibility of a misdiagnosis of gonorrhea, and its social and legal repercussions, should be considered. ( info)

13/257. pregnancy complicated by Evan's syndrome.

    Evan's syndrome was initially diagnosed in a 26-year-old pregnant patient. Following the introduction of high dose steroid therapy, the patient developed possible disseminated gonococcal infection which was followed by preterm labor and abruptio placentae. A cesarean delivery was performed at the 34th week of pregnancy following platelet infusion. While the infant survived, the mother had delayed postpartum hemorrhage. ( info)

14/257. Gonococcal ophthalmia treated with ciprofloxacin.

    neisseria gonorrhoeae infection in the eye and its treatment with ciprofloxacin is presented. ( info)

15/257. Simultaneous scabies and gonococcal infection.

    A case is presented of an unusual complication arising in a man with scabies and gonococcal urethritis: the secondary infection of excoriated genital lesions by neisseria gonorrhoeae. This occurred after he had occluded his genitals with a plastic wrap. ( info)

16/257. The risks of oral-genital contact: a case report.

    Our practice of dentistry allows us the opportunity to educate our patients about the many health risks that can affect the oral cavity. Certain behaviors have the potential for serious risk to dentists and staff as well as patients and their partners. This case report details the diagnosis, treatment, and discussion of oral gonococcal infection and the need for heightened awareness among the dental population. ( info)

17/257. Watering can perineum--a forgotten complication of gonorrhoea.

    In the modern era of broad spectrum antibiotics, urethral fistulae (watering can perineum) is one of the forgotten sequelae of chronic gonococcal infection. We report a 20-year-old unmarried male with gonococcal urethritis and two sinuses in the scrotum (watering can perineum). The micturating and retrograde urethrogram revealed mucosal irregularity and extravasation of contrast medium at the junction of bulbous and membranous urethra. Recent worldwide emergence of multidrug resistant strains of gonococci give rise to alarm. In the present scenario of hiv pandemic, ineffective treatment of patient or partner with gonorrhoea may result in development of these complications. ( info)

18/257. Value of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in gynecologic infections.

    The ESR remains a valuable test in gynecology, specifically when obtained sequentially in cases of pelvic infection. It is nonspecific but has much merit in assessing prognosis and therapeutic measures. In conjunction with laparoscopy and diagnostic ultrasound it plays an important part in the evaluation of abdominal and pelvic infections. ( info)

19/257. Disseminated gonococcemia.

    A 26-year-old woman presented with a high-grade fever and chills of 2 days' duration. She complained of associated joint pain, especially in the wrists and knees. One day before admission, tender skin lesions began to develop on the fingers, and subsequently spread to the more proximal extremities. The patient recalled having a sore throat and a nonproductive cough before the onset of the fever and eruption. The past medical history was significant for gardnerella vaginitis and several urinary tract infections. The patient was taking oral contraceptive pills; her most recent menstruation was 3 weeks before admission. She reported having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend 2 weeks before admission. The patient's temperature was 40 degrees C. Dermatologic examination revealed a 6-mm, hemorrhagic pustule on an ill-defined pink base, overlying the volar aspect of the left second proximal interphalangeal joint (Fig. 1a). Scattered on the upper and lower extremities were occasional round, ill-defined pink macules with central pinpoint vesiculation (Fig. 1b). A skin biopsy of the digit revealed a dense neutrophilic infiltrate with leukocytoclasis and marked fibrin deposition in the superficial and deep dermal vessels (Fig. 2a). Gram stains demonstrated the presence of Gram-negative diplococci (Fig. 2b). Laboratory findings included leukocytosis (leukocyte count of 20 x 109/L, with 81% neutrophils). Analysis of an endocervical specimen by polymerase chain reaction was positive for neisseria gonorrhoeae and negative for chlamydia trachomatis. Throat and blood cultures grew N. gonorrhoeae. Specimen cultures obtained by skin biopsy yielded no growth. Results of serologic analysis for human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis, syphilis, and pregnancy were negative. Beginning on admission, intravenous ceftriaxone, 2 g, was administered every 24 h for 6 days, followed by oral cefixime, 400 mg twice daily for 4 days. Oral azithromycin, 1 g, was administered to treat possible coinfection with C. trachomatis. By treatment day 4, the patient was afebrile, with the resolution of leukocytosis and symptomatic improvement of arthralgias. ( info)

20/257. Perianal abscess due to neisseria gonorrhoeae: an unusual case in the post-antibiotic era.

    Described here is the case of a 21-year-old homosexual male patient who presented with perianal abscess without urethritis that was caused by infection with neisseria gonorrhoeae. Incision and drainage of the abscess and oral penicillin therapy resulted in full healing, without the development of an anal fistula. The spectrum of gonococcal abscesses and the relevant aspects of their management are discussed. ( info)
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