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1/1. Premature cataracts associated with generalized lentigo.

    Generalized lentigo (leopard syndrome) is an autosomal dominant trait characterized by lentigo, sensorineural deafness, retarded growth (below 25%), ocular hypertelorism, mandibular prognathism, pectus carinatum or excavatum, dorsal kyphosis, winging of the scapulae, valvular pulmonary artery stenosis, electrocardiographic conduction defects, and genitourinary defects. Ocular evaluations of patients with generalized lentigo have revealed the appearance of multiple small white punctate and comma-shaped opacities in the cortex and nuclci of the lenses of affected patients. On the basis of age of the patients examined, it would seem that the corneal opacities first appear in the third decade. Although the opacities may be extensive, the lens opacities do not appear to impair visual function until approximately twenty years after they first appear.
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