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1/2. Multiple floppy valves with all cardiac valves prolapsing: clinical course and treatment.

    Two cases with prolapse of all four cardiac valves are described and compared with two similar ones previously reported. The severity and progression of regurgitation of each of the valves differed by case, despite having similar echocardiographic findings consistent with the diagnosis of multiple floppy valves. Two of the four patients had their aortic valve replaced because of severe regurgitation: the excised valves revealed myxomatous degeneration. None of the patients had any stigmata of Marfan or ehlers-danlos syndrome, except for the presence of hyperextensive joints. There may be an unknown collagen disorder that caused floppiness in all the valves. ( info)

2/2. An adult case with multiple cardiac valve prolapse and regurgitation.

    A 56-year-old female had pure regurgitation in all cardiac valves. color Doppler echocardiography showed a regurgitant jet in all cardiac valves. The severity of regurgitation due to the prolapse in all valves was moderate. The patient had no history of rheumatic fever, ischemic heart disease, endocarditis or hypertension. Physical characteristics of the patient were neither of Marfan's nor Ehlers-Danlos' syndrome. The etiology of regurgitation in all cardiac valves of this patient may be due to multiple valve prolapse. ( info)

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