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1/1. Lumbosacral subdural hematoma. Case report.

    An 18-year-old man presented with a rare spinal subdural hematoma (SSH) manifesting as headache, which developed following diving into the sea the day before. Computed tomography of the head revealed no abnormality. His headache persisted followed by neck stiffness and mild lumbago. He came to see us 6 days after the first visit. He underwent lumbar puncture to eliminate the possibility of meningitis. The cerebrospinal fluid showed xanthochromia. cerebral angiography showed no abnormality. magnetic resonance imaging of the spine revealed lumbosacral subdural hematoma. The hematoma and his symptoms regressed spontaneously during several weeks of conservative treatment. A sharp increase in intraabdominal and/or intrathoracic pressures following diving may have caused the bleeding. headache may be an initial symptom associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage concomitant with SSH. Delayed progression of lumbosacral SSH must be considered if the patient complains of lumbago following minor trauma.
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