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1/1. Non-specific hyperamylasemia in shosin beri-beri.

    Several reports demonstrate non-specific hyperamylasemia in cardiac surgery or diabetic ketoacidosis. We report here for the first time non-specific hyperamylasemia in a cardiovascular beri-beri case who showed shock with severe metabolic acidosis. Her echocardiography revealed hyperkinetic wall motion of the small left ventricle. Despite intravascular volume expansion in parallel with dopamine administration, her blood pressure did not recover. Abdominal computed tomography (CT) did not reveal pancreatic swelling or any other signs of acute pancreatitis. Her history suggested a possibility of cardiovascular beri-beri due to chronic alcoholism. thiamine administration dramatically reversed her haemodynamic derangements, metabolic acidosis and even relieved her abdominal pain. Isozyme examinations for hyperamylasemia showed that most of the serum amylase consisted of salivary type. This case report expands our information on non-specific hyperamylasemia encountered in the emergency setting.
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