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1/1. incontinentia pigmenti (IP2): familiar case report with affected men. literature review.

    incontinentia pigmenti is a genodermatosis described by Garrod and in 1920 by Bloch, Sulzberger, Siemens y Bardach. It is an ectodermic disorder that affects skin, teeth, eyes and may also have neurological problems. The IP2 name describes the histological characteristics, the incontinence of melanin into the melanocytes cells in the epidermal basal layer and its presence in superficial dermis. IP2 is an x-linked dominant condition but genetic heterogeneity may exist. CASE REPORT: The patient was 4 yrs 5 months old when she came for the first time. In a physical exploration she presented sparse and thin hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, beaked nose, labial protrusion, the four central teeth have a conic crown and there was also a delayed eruption of other teeth, right eye strabismus, hipoacusia, language defects and a trunk, legs, feet, and face dermatosis characterized by grouped vesicles, hyperkeratotic and warty lesions and brownish-gray lesions in a lineal pattern. The patient s father had hypopigmented lesions in the posterior regions of both legs. The oral clinical and radiographic exams showed diverse anomalies. Both the patient's and the father's chromosomal studies were normal. DISCUSSION: In the present case we can see that the father has IP2 without supernumeraries X, with the antecedent that his mother had something similar. It is possible that the inheritance was autosomic dominant or it is a different mutation of NEMO (NF-kappa-B essential modulator) gene to a classical one, which was found in some affected men. It is necessary to carry out a molecular study of these patients.
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