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1/328. Congenital sinus of the upper lip. A case report.

    A case report of a congenital midline sinus in the upper lip of a 13-year-old girl is presented. Theories proposed regarding the aetiology of this rare anomaly are discussed. ( info)

2/328. Geographic lip: a variant of geopgraphic tongue.

    The following aspects of the classic geographic tongue are discussed: clinical polymorphism with the appearance of annulus migrans, histological appearacne of the spongiform pustule, frequent association with pustular psoriasis and related diseases, and its relationship to psoriasis buccalis. Two cases of geographic lip are described in which annulus migrans was present. In one case, the geographic lip was associated with a plicated lip, a labial form of plicated tongue. ( info)

3/328. Squamous cell carcinoma and keratoacanthoma of the lower lip associated with "Goza" and "Shisha" smoking.

    BACKGROUND: A positive correlation between lip and buccal cancers and pipe smoking has been suggested. Various types of crude and manufactured tobacco products are consumed by smoking, chewing, and snuff dipping habits. 'Shisha" and 'Goza' smoking are widely practiced in the middle east. The 'hubble-bubble' method and apparatus are used. These smoking habits are hazardous to health, causing obstructive lung disease, and may be important predisposing factors for the development of oral cancers. case reports: Two cases of squamous cell carcinoma and a case of keratoacanthoma localized to the lower lip are presented in well-known 'Shisha' and 'Goza" smokers. CONCLUSIONS: "Shisha" and 'Goza' smoking have adverse effects on general health and may predispose to oral cancer. An extensive epidemiological study should be performed to determine whether this type of smoking habit is associated with a statistically increased incidence of squamous cell carcinoma and keratoacanthoma of the lips. ( info)

4/328. Burkitt's lymphoma presenting as lower lip paraesthesia in a 24 year old Nigerian. Case report.

    An unusual case of stage D Burkitt's lymphoma in a 24 year old Nigerian female undergraduate is reported. There was a four month history of left lower lip paraesthesia followed three months later by a slowly progressive 'pimple-sized' nodular mandibular swelling arising from the mental foramen region. A full-blown, rapidly developing abdominal mass manifested only three weeks after a biopsy of the mandibular swelling. Aspiration of the latter and a histologic report of the mandibular mass confirmed Burkitt's lymphoma. The patient responded very well to appropriate chemotherapy. Clinicians should not overlook insidious jaw swellings in any adult residing in the endemic zone of Burkitt's lymphoma, in view of the fact that successful therapy is dependent on early diagnosis. Mental nerve paraesthesia is very rarely seen in Burkitt's lymphoma. ( info)

5/328. oral manifestations of idiopathic lenticular mucocutaneous pigmentation (Laugier-Hunziker syndrome): a clinical, histopathological and ultrastructural review of 12 cases.

    OBJECTIVE: To present a clinical, histopathological and ultrastructural study on a group of patients affected by idiopathic mucocutaneous pigmentation (Laugier-Hunziker syndrome: LHS). MATERIALS AND methods: Twelve patients were investigated: clinical examination, laboratory tests, and X-ray studies together with light microscopy and electron microscopy were performed in order to diagnose LHS. RESULTS: All cases showed acquired, benign, macular hyperpigmentation of buccal mucosa lips and nails. Histologically, pigmentations are due to an accumulation of melanin in the basal layer keratinocytes and an increase in the number of melanophages in the submucosa and/or papillary dermis. Ultrastructurally there were increased numbers of normal-appearing melanosomes in keratinocytes of the lower epithelium. No evidence of malignant changes were detected. CONCLUSIONS: The importance of this condition relates to it being included in the differential diagnoses of pigmentary disorders of the oral mucosa with associated nail involvement. It is important to recognize this acquired benign disorder to avoid unnecessary investigations and treatments. ( info)

6/328. Laugier-Hunziker syndrome: case report and treatment with the Q-switched Nd-Yag laser.

    We report the case of a 46-year-old Caucasian female presenting with mucocutaneous pigmentation on the lips, oral mucosa, hands, feet and nails, as well as on a psoriatic plaque. She was successfully treated with Q-switched Nd-Yag laser, with double frequency, for both the mucosal and cutaneous lesions. ( info)

7/328. Upper aerodigestive tract frostbite complicating volatile substance abuse.

    Volatile substance abuse has become increasingly popular among today's youth. It has reportedly been used by up to 13% of teenage populations. physicians need to be aware of the potential complications which may arise from this form of substance abuse. We describe the case of a young male who presented with massive edema affecting his lips, oral cavity, oropharynx and trachea. It was later discovered that his injury was secondary to thermal trauma related to the abuse of a fluorinated hydrocarbon propellant. This presentation may easily be confused with allergic or angioneurotic edema. Denial by the patient can lead to a further delay in diagnosis. This case is especially notable since frostbite injury involving the upper aerodigestive tract is extremely rare. We discuss the differential diagnosis and the management principals required in the care of this patient. We also present a pertinent review of the literature related to both volatile substance abuse and its complications involving the airway. ( info)

8/328. Leukemic macrocheilia associated with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    Specific cutaneous infiltrates in chronic lymphocytic leukemia presenting as a tumor or a large nodule on the face, scalp, and upper trunk are rare; involvement of the oral mucosa is extremely rare. We report a case of leukemic macrocheilia that occurred three years before a diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia was made. ( info)

9/328. lip adhesion: an unusual complication of erythema multiforme.

    The purpose of this article is to report a case of lip adhesion as a complication of erythema multiforme in an 8-year-old child. This is the second reported case of this complication of oral ulceration associated with erythema multiforme. ( info)

10/328. Superficial mucocele: report of 4 cases.

    Four cases of the lesion first described as superficial mucocele by Eveson in 1988 are reported. All of the lesions developed in adult women; two of the women had concurrent oral lichen planus. The mucoceles were found on the soft palate, the buccal mucosa, and the upper and lower labial mucosa. The etiologic factors and pathogenesis of this lesion are discussed. ( info)
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