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1/1. Lipomatous disorder of the peri-trochanteric soft tissue: case report and review.

    Disorders of fatty tissue metabolism and body contour are frequently described in the literature. Several different syndromes have been ascribed to recurring characteristics of fatty deposition with similar underlying etiologies. These syndromes can generally be classified into the lipomatoses (abnormal accumulations of fat) and the lipodystrophies (abnormal fat atrophy). The authors describe a case of isolated symmetrical lipomatosis of the soft tissue overlying the trochanters that developed a recurrence after treatment with liposuction. They have attempted to match this patient's disorder into 1 of several reported syndromes, with benign symmetric lipomatosis and acquired partial lipodystrophy at the top of the differential diagnosis. However, some characteristics of this patient may warrant a separate categorization for her condition. In this case report, the current literature on disorders of fatty tissue metabolism is reviewed and a discussion of relevant factors and issues surrounding their clinical significance and management is provided.
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