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1/2. The potential utility of the Semi-Nested Multiplex PCR technique for the diagnosis and investigation of congenital malaria.

    We report three cases of congenital malaria involving two malarial immune mothers living in spain. Diagnostic PCR and Genotyping PCR for merozoite surface proteins 1 and 2 were essential to show that mothers and new-borns had different Plasmodium population parasites at the moment of the delivery, and that the infection was acquired earlier in gestation by transplacental transmission. In the first case the Plasmodium species founded in both, mother and child were different. malaria in the twins showed a mixed infection (P. falciparum plus P. malariae) while the mother presented a P. falciparum infection. These facts were confirmed studying the polymorphisms for MSP1 and MSP2. blood samples of the newborns were analyzed an half hour after delivery excluding the possibility of re-infection by mosquito bite and indicating a vertical transmission during pregnancy.
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2/2. Imported brucellosis associated with plasmodium falciparum malaria in a traveler returning from the tropics.

    We report a microbiologically confirmed case of brucella melitensis and plasmodium falciparum malaria coinfection in a febrile traveler returning from chad, africa. The patient had been doing veterinary research in rural chad; during that time she took no antimalarial chemoprophylaxis. Our report highlights the importance of blood cultures as well as malaria smears in febrile travelers returning from the tropics.
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