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1/1. Menometrorrhagia and tachyarrhythmia after using oral and topical ginseng.

    Widespread and uncontrolled use of ginseng has raised the question of its side effects and drug interactions. A 39-year-old female patient experienced menometrorrhagia. Her complaints had started 5 months earlier. The laboratory tests revealed follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol levels to be 10 mIU and 90 mIU, respectively. Endometrial biopsy was planned for the diagnosis of abnormal uterine bleeding. During the preoperative evaluation, the patient stated that she had been using both oral and topical ginseng for cosmetic reasons. The ECG revealed sinus tachycardia with occasional atrial premature beats. The procedure was postponed for 2 weeks so that the patient would stop taking ginseng, smoking, and drinking coffee. Arrhythmia stopped 10 days later. tachycardia continued during the procedure but did not require treatment, as it did not cause any hemodynamic instability. An endometrial biopsy specimen showed a disordered proliferative pattern. The patient was advised to stop using oral and topical ginseng. During a follow-up visit, she had no sign of menometrorrhagia or tachyarrhythmia and her hemoglobin levels were in the normal range. smoking and coffee consumption, along with ginseng use, can be responsible for arrhythmogenic effects. Abnormal uterine bleeding can cause tachycardia secondary to anemia. The clinical progress of this patient is consistent with our hypothesis that ginseng is responsible for menometrorrhagia, although this could be coincidental. patients should always be asked prior to surgery if they use herbal medications, food supplements, or cosmetics as well as prescription drugs. This is of great importance for both diagnosis and avoidance of drug interactions and side effects during anesthesia.
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