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1/1. rhabdomyosarcoma of the uterine cervix. Sarcoma botryoides.

    Twenty-one cases of sarcoma botryoides of the uterine cervix, including four previously unreported cases, are reviewed. The age of the patients ranged from 5 months to 48 years, with a peak incidence in the group aged 14 to 18 years. Eighty percent of the patients are alive, with a mean follow-up period of 68 months. Seventy-five percent of the patients had Group I disease, of whom 88% are alive. Eleven of 14 patients (79%) receiving vincristine and dactinomycin based chemotherapy are alive. There were five patients with recurrent disease (24%) of whom two (40%) are alive. The prognosis for cervical sarcoma botryoides is similar to that of other female genital tract embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas. Primary therapy should consist of vincristine and dactinomycin based chemotherapy. Surgery should be guided by the response to initial chemotherapy and should attempt to conserve the function of the bladder, rectum, vagina, and ovaries.
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