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1/1. Epizootic of mycobacterium bovis in a zoologic park.

    An epizootic of mycobacterium bovis in a zoologic park resulted in the death of 4 southern white rhinoceroses and 2 colobus monkeys. Zoo personnel were detected that had positive intradermal tuberculin skin test results after exposure to mycobacterial-infected animals. On the basis of dna fingerprinting, all 3 mycobacterial isolates (from 1 rhinoceros and 2 monkeys) were determined to be genetically similar and probably originated from the same source. The 3 animals (1 rhinoceros and 2 colobus monkeys) that had confirmed infections lived in separate, but adjacent, areas. Aerosolization of bacteria during routine cleaning was believed to have contributed to the unusual distance between infected animals. tuberculosis has reemerged as a major disease problem in human and veterinary medicine.
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