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1/2. A case of open bite with Turner's syndrome.

    The treatment of a skeletal Class III open bite malocclusion with Turner's syndrome is described. Although the patient had a negative overbite of 9 mm, a positive overbite of 2 mm was obtained through treatment, without any tooth extractions; however, an excessive vertical growth of the anterior regions was noted.
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2/2. Centronuclear myopathy and nursing pattern caries: management of a 1 year old.

    The pathognomonic open mouth of centronuclear and other myopathies can also have implications for oral health. These patients are at greater risk for gingivitis, dental caries as a result of the mouth breathing and loss of lip seal. Low tongue posture may impede the lateral expansion of the maxilla resulting in a constricted maxillary arch with resultant posterior crossbites and functional shifts. Excessive molar eruption may also occur, resulting in anterior open bites and increases in the anterior lower vertical height.
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