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1/1. Thalamic dementia: an example of primary astroglial dystrophy of Seitelberger.

    Pure thalamic dementia is highly uncommon and typically demonstrates widespread loss of neurons throughout the thalamus associated with reactive gliosis. This report describes an autopsy case in which there is widespread gliosis of subcortical white matter, focal hippocampal sclerosis and a unique proliferation of protoplasmic astrocytes in the thalamus, with limited bilateral focal loss of neurons. The alterations of the protoplasmic astrocytes consist of proliferation of perivascular feet surrounding blood vessels and velate sheets which surround individual neurons. It is proposed that the astrocytic alterations, or astrocytic dystrophy, constitute the primary and critical pathologic-change, sufficiently severe to produce dementia in the presence of a relatively intact neuronal population.
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