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1/1. Unusual presentation of acute abdomen in scrub typhus: a report of two cases.

    Two young soldiers presented with acute abdomens, then received surgical procedures under initial impression of acute cholecystitis and acute appendicitis respectively. Operative findings did not confirm the initial diagnosis, and the clinical condition did not improve after operation. scrub typhus was suggested later by clinical manifestations of fever, chills, headache, lymphadenopathy, skin rash and presence of eschar formation; this diagnosis was finally confirmed by positive serologic results of high Weil-Felix OXK agglutination and/or rickettsia tsutsugammushi immunoflorescence titers in paired sera. Both patients rapidly became afebrile after administration of tetracycline. This unusual presentation with acute abdomen in scrub typhus is emphasized, with caution that the possibility of scrub typhus should be taken considered, especially in patients coming from hyperendemic areas.
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