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1/1. Bone overgrowth in the adult traumatic amputee.

    Bone overgrowth of the residual limb after an amputation is a well documented complication in the pediatric amputee population. Bone overgrowth can cause pain, problems with skin breakdown, and poor prosthetic fit. There have been few reports of bone overgrowth in the adult amputee. Two cases of traumatic transfemoral amputations after extensive tissue damage are presented. Both patients successfully completed an in-patient amputee rehabilitation program and achieved functional ambulation with their prostheses. However, each developed distal residual limb pain within a year after their amputations that significantly limited the amount of time they could wear their prostheses and the distance they could walk. Radiographs demonstrated additional bone growth from the residual femur into adjacent soft tissues in both patients. These case examples demonstrate that bone overgrowth should be considered in the differential diagnosis of residual limb pain in the adult amputee.
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