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1/1. Osteoarticular complications of erysipelas.

    BACKGROUND: Rare osteoarticular complications occurring after erysipelas have been reported. We describe 9 patients in whom various osteoarticular complications developed during erysipelas. OBJECTIVE: We sought to analyze osteoarticular complications during erysipelas, paying special attention to clinical, bacteriologic, and radiologic data. methods: Data were retrospectively recorded from the files of patients seen in 3 dermatologic centers between 1998 and 2000. They included laboratory tests, bacteriologic cultures, radiologic investigations, and treatment modalities and outcome of both erysipelas and osteoarticular complications. RESULTS: We observed 9 patients (7 men and 2 women; mean age 49.6 years) who first presented with typical erysipelas of the lower limb and then osteoarticular complications developed during the course of their disease, always localized to a joint contiguous to the erysipelas plaque. These complications included: relatively benign complications, ie, bursitis (n = 5) or algodystrophy (n = 1), occurring after erysipelas with favorable course; and more severe complications, ie, osteitis (n = 1), arthritis (n = 1), and septic tendinitis (n = 1), occurring after erysipelas characterized by local cutaneous complications (abscess, necrosis). CONCLUSIONS: Osteoarticular complications of erysipelas can be divided into the 2 groups of nonseptic complications (mainly bursitis), which are characterized by a favorable outcome, and septic complications (osteitis, arthritis, tendinitis), which require specific, often prolonged treatment and, sometimes, operation. Their diagnosis is on the basis of clinical and radiologic findings rather than joint aspirations, which are usually not possible through infected skin tissue.
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