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1/1. Late diagnosis of tree nut and sesame allergy in patients previously sensitized but tolerant to peanut.

    BACKGROUND: Recent studies have indicated that tolerance to peanut can occur in patients with a history of peanut allergy. Tree nut and sesame allergies have been reported to occur at increased incidence in patients with peanut allergy. Although the coexistence may be simply due to a predisposition to food allergy in these individuals, cross-reactivity has been demonstrated between peanut and tree nuts and between peanut and sesame seed. OBJECTIVE: To describe 3 patients previously sensitized but tolerant to peanut who were subsequently diagnosed as having either tree nut or sesame allergy. methods: All the patients had a clinical history of peanut sensitivity and underwent follow-up peanut skin testing to commercial extracts using a bifurcated needle followed by a graded peanut challenge. One patient had a previous positive radioallergosorbent test reaction to sesame and underwent a graded sesame challenge. RESULTS: All the patients had negative peanut challenge results. Two patients subsequently had exposure to tree nuts at home and had systemic reactions and positive skin test reactions to the incriminated tree nut. One patient had a positive challenge reaction to sesame. CONCLUSION: Demonstration of tolerance to peanut may falsely reassure patients and physicians that patients no longer need to avoid tree nuts or sesame. Tree nut and sesame allergies can exist or develop in patients despite the development of tolerance to peanut.
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