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1/2. pelvic pain caused by intraperitoneal enterobius vermicularis (threadworm) ova with an associated systemic autoimmune reaction.

    AIM: The aim of this paper, based on a case study was two-fold; firstly to review the sites and gynecologic complications of ectopic enterobius vermicularis and secondly study the autoimmune accompaniments of parasitic infestations. methods: A case of intraperitoneal ectopic enterobius vermicularis, with accompanying autoimmune signs and symptoms, is presented and its response to surgical and medical treatment described. A medical literature search was carried out into the subject of ectopic enterobius vermicularis, particularly from the gynecologic perspective along with a study of autoimmune activation associated with parasitic infestation. RESULTS: pelvic pain was found to be caused by chronic inflammation from ectopic enterobius vermicularis. This was treated both surgically and medically, with the surgical treatment proving to be inadequate but with a good response to immune modification. In the literature ectopic enterobius vermicularis was found to be treatable surgically. CONCLUSION: Ectopic enterobius vermicularis was found to create symptomatic inflammatory lesions that could be treated surgically and an associated autoimmune response treatable by immune modification.
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2/2. Appendiceal enterobius vermicularis infestation associated with right-sided chronic pelvic pain.

    Parasitic infestation is an uncommon cause of chronic pelvic pain among women of reproductive age. A case of chronic right-sided pelvic pain associated with appendiceal enterobius vermicularis infestation was managed with appendectomy and antiparasitic therapy resulting in a complete resolution of symptoms.
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