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11/11. Benign ulcer in a hiatus hernia complicated with a pericardial fistula.

    Penetration of the pericardium by upper gastrointestinal lesions is uncommon. It usually results from trauma, perforation of foreign objects, perforation from gastric or thoracic neoplasm or spontaneous perforation. Unfrequently it is a complication of a benign peptic ulcer of the esophagus or the stomach. survival from peptic ulcers penetrating to the heart is very rare. From a review of the English literature only 11 survivors have been described. We report the successful outcome of a 76 year old lady with a benign ulcus in a hiatus hernia perforating into the pericardium. diagnosis of the fistula was established after methylene blue swallow. Treatment consisted of early pericardiotomy and drainage followed by surgical correction of the ulcer and fundoplication of the hiatus hernia.
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