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1/6. Encephalitis without meningitis due to sandfly fever virus serotype toscana.

    The role of Toscana (TOS) virus in producing encephalitis without meningitis is uncertain. We studied 2 cases of TOS virus encephalitis without meningitis by means of nested polymerase chain reaction assay and dna sequencing. Findings confirm that TOS virus may directly cause encephalitis and suggest the usefulness of dna sequencing in investigating relationships between TOS virus molecular patterns and the spectrum of neurological involvement. ( info)

2/6. Symptomatic infections by toscana virus in the Modena province in the triennium 1999-2001.

    We report nine cases of clinical manifestations by Toscana virus (TOSV) diagnosed at the Centre for the diagnosis of Viral Diseases of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in the inhabitants of Modena province (Emilia Romagna region), in the triennium 1999-2001. TOSV was involved in six cases of meningitis, two of meningoencephalitis and one case of febrile erythema without meningeal manifestations. Six TOSV-infected patients had stayed for a few days in a different area of the Tuscany region before the onset of clinical manifestations so, only three cases of infections by TOSV had an autochthonous origin. ( info)

3/6. Unusual presentation of life-threatening Toscana virus meningoencephalitis.

    This case report describes a brother and a sister with severe meningoencephalitis caused by Toscana virus (TOSv). The clinical presentation was characterized by stiff neck, deep coma, maculopapular rash, diffuse lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, renal involvement, tendency to bleeding, and diffuse intravascular coagulation. The boy had epididymo-orchitis. Recovery with neurologic sequelae as hydrocephalus was observed. Microbiological diagnosis was obtained by serological tests and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. Sequencing of polymerase chain reaction products from the S and M segments was carried out. TOSv may be a causative agent in severe meningoencephalitis. ( info)

4/6. Acute meningitis owing to phlebotomus fever Toscana virus imported to france.

    Acute lymphocytic meningitis, seen in france in summer, is often due to enteroviruses. arboviruses as West Nile and tick-borne encephalitis do exist in europe, but other viruses are rarely considered in patients unless they have had recent tropical travel. Toscana virus infection, which is endemic, especially in italy,1-3 has been documented in some European travelers returning from italy,4-6 but surprisingly was not documented in france until recently.7 We report a case of meningitis caused by Toscana virus imported to france. ( info)

5/6. Sand fly fever-Naples infection in egypt.

    Two Egyptian male patients with sand fly fever-Naples virus infection are presented. The virus was isolated from one patient while both patients had diagnostic rises in indirect fluorescent antibody titers to the virus. The viral isolate, SFN 85055, grows to much higher titers and plaques more efficiently than the prototype sand fly fever-Naples virus and should facilitate work with this virus. ( info)

6/6. Aseptic meningitis caused by sandfly fever virus, serotype Toscana.

    Sandfly fever virus, serotype Toscana (TOS), is endemic in some Mediterranean countries and causes sandfly fever (pappataci fever). In some patients, TOS may cause meningitis and meningoencephalitis. We report on two German adults returning from italy with TOS-related meningitis, complicated in one case by abducens nerve palsy. TOS infection should be considered as a cause of acute central nervous system disorders in patients returning from areas of endemicity. ( info)

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