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1/2. Acute abdomen by varicella zoster virus induced gastritis after autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in a patient with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

    We report on a 54-year-old male patient with an aggressive T cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma with abdominal manifestation undergoing autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation after high-dose chemotherapy in April 2003. About 4 months after transplantation, he developed severe upper abdominal pain. Ultrasound examination, X-ray, computed tomography of the abdomen and cardiac diagnostics could not explain the symptoms. While empiric therapy with high-dose acyclovir was started, we could document herpetic lesions in the gastric antrum by endoscopy. The epigastric pain rapidly decreased within several days after the start of acyclovir therapy. No herpetic skin lesions were observed at any time during the disease. This report demonstrates the importance of viral-induced gastritis in the differential diagnosis of severe abdominal pain in patients receiving autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation.
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2/2. Streptococcal pyomyositis: case report and review.

    pyomyositis is most often associated with staphylococcus aureus infections after trauma. We describe an unusual presentation of pyomyositis of the chest wall secondary to group A betahemolytic streptococcus infection in a 15-month-old child with acute abdominal symptoms. In addition, the patient had no history or evidence of trauma to the affected area. pyomyositis presenting in this manner secondary to group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus infection in the absence of a primary varicella infection has not been previously reported.
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