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1/3. Acute deep vein thrombosis in hospital practice.

    A recent cross sectional study on symptomatic acute deep vein thrombosis at the National University Hospital (NUH) in singapore found a frequency rate of 0.79 per 1000 patient admissions. A total of 39 patients were accrued over 18 months, 36 with deep vein thrombosis alone and three complicated by pulmonary embolism. No sex or ethnic predilection was observed in this cohort of hospitalised patients. Twenty-eight (71.8%) patients were 40 years or older. Majority (89.7%) of patients had at least two predisposing factors. While prolonged bedrest and operative procedures featured equally frequently in patients above and below 40 years, neoplasms were predominantly associated with the former and protein C or S deficiency primarily with the latter. The exhaustive laboratory confirmation of an inherent thrombotic tendency is recommended only for patients below 40 years of age.
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2/3. Idiopathic spontaneous deep venous thrombophlebitis in an adolescent: a case report.

    A rare case of spontaneous deep venous thrombophlebitis in a 15-year-old adolescent is presented. This case is remarkable as it lacks any associated conditions and predisposing factors, as well as an etiologic diagnosis.
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3/3. Neurological complications in children with protein c deficiency.

    Four children with a cerebrovascular occlusive accident and protein c deficiency are described. Two patients presented with an acute hemiplegia, the others suffered from a transient ischemic attack and a progressive hydrocephalus as the result of sinus thrombosis. In all cases protein c deficiency, Type 1, was diagnosed. Other causes of cerebrovascular disease were excluded. Although venous thrombosis has been extensively reported in protein c deficiency, these cases indicate that protein c deficiency is also related to arterial thrombosis. In evaluating children with cerebrovascular accidents, protein c deficiency should also be considered.
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