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1/2. Left-sided gastroschisis and pseudoexstrophy: a rare combination of anomalies.

    Pseudoexstrophy is a rare variant of the exstrophy/epispadias complex, comprised of the musculoskeletal defects of classic exstrophy but with an intact bladder and urethra. We present a case of a neonate with left-sided gastroschisis and pseudoexstrophy, the first reported combination of these two anomalies. The anomalies in this case were unusual but highlight the importance of careful clinical evaluation before and during surgery so as to carefully define the anatomy of the abnormalities, which will assist in planning surgery and further postoperative management. Identifying and reporting these unusual cases is essential to further expand our understanding of these conditions and their potential associations. ( info)

2/2. Post partum diastasis of the pubic symphysis: a case report.

    The post partum pubic symphysis diastasis is an uncommon disease. It is resposible of acute pelvic pain. It increases when manual pressure is applied to the pelvis in a latero-lateral and antero-posterior direction. The diagnostic test for this condition is an anteroposterior X-ray of the pelvis.Here we present a case following spontaneous vaginal delivery. The conservative treatment is able to obtain good results. If this disease is underestimated the patient can develop chronic pain. ( info)

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