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1/1. Significance of immediate preoperative bacteriuria with pyuria in renal transplant recipients.

    The presence of bacteriuria and pyuria on urinalysis immediately before renal transplantation has resulted in cancellation of surgery because of concern about post-transplant wound infection. Of 113 renal transplant recipients reviewed 41 (36 per cent) had 5 or more white blood cells per high power field with bacteria in either a voided urine or bladder washout specimen obtained just before grafting. Of those 41 patients 2 suffered postoperative wound infections. Of 72 patients (64 per cent) with less than 5 white blood cells or no bacteria on a preoperative specimen 1 suffered a wound infection (p not significant by Fisher's exact test). Preoperative urine cultures and operative bladder cultures of all 3 patients failed to yield the organisms found later in the wound infections. The factors of sex, insulin-dependent diabetes, delayed graft function, living related versus cadaver donor and pre-transplant splenectomy had no significant relationship to wound infection rates. Renal transplantation can be performed safely in patients who have pyuria and bacteriuria but no signs or symptoms of infection.
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