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1/1. gnathostomiasis: a rare nematode infection.

    gnathostoma, primarily an animal nematode, can infect human by the third stage larva by consumption of undercooked or raw fish, poultry, or pork. In bangladesh gnathostomiasis is a very rare condition. The first case, an ocular infection by gnathostoma was reported in 2001 from Rangpur, a northern district. This is the second case report of gnathostomiasis which also is an ocular infection, occurred in an area of greater district of Rangpur. A female patient of 32 year of age of the northern district, Nilphamari has got infected with a species of gnathostoma, manifested by the appearance of a live larva near the right lateral margin of anterior surface of iris of her right eye. The larva was removed surgically from her eye and the patient was cured from symptoms.
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