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1/2. Epidural analgesia in the surgery of congenital tracheal stenosis: slide tracheoplasty on cardiopulmonary bypass.

    Epidural analgesia in children is highly effective and safe; however, it has not enjoyed great popularity in surgery that requires cardiopulmonary bypass. A major concern is the possibility of damage to blood vessels with the epidural needle or catheter and epidural hematoma formation. There seems to be a low incidence of epidural hematoma if certain guidelines are followed, so that in children, epidural analgesia can be used in selected patients, with safety, when surgical repair requires cardiopulmonary bypass. Epidural morphine has been used for clinical pain relief in pediatric cardiac surgery. Improved pulmonary function, suppressed hormonal and metabolic stress responses, easy early tracheal extubation, and good analgesia and sedation that allows neurological examination to alert any possibles hidden complications, are the advantages. A dedicated medical team is essential in the perioperative management to achieve maximum benefit for these patients.
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2/2. Tibial agenesis-ectrodactyly syndrome associated with novel cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary malformations.

    We report a 9-month-old female infant presenting, on the 15th day of life, left tibial agenesis with ectrodactyly, right talipes equinovarus, syndactyly of the second and the third toes of the right foot, an incomplete split right foot, left fibular hypoplasia, bronchial stenosis/hypoplasia, and coarctation of the aortic arch. To the best of our knowledge, coarctation of the aortic arch and bronchial stenosis/hypoplasia have never been reported in the tibial agenesis-ectrodactyly syndrome.
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