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1/1. Rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma caused by vine pollen: a case report.

    BACKGROUND: The vine (vitis vinifera) is a cultivated plant that is found in some European and American countries. Its pollen gathers in small quantities during a short pollination period in the months of May and June. Allergy to vine pollen has not been previously documented. OBJECTIVE: We sought to describe a case report of allergy to vine pollen documented on the basis of anamnesis, cutaneous, provocation, and specific IgE determination tests. methods: An allergenic extract was obtained from collected V vinifera pollens by aqueous standard procedures. pollen counts and pollination periods of this and other common pollens in the area where the patient became symptomatic were studied. Cutaneous tests and the presence of specific IgE to the pollen extracts were performed by prick, CAP, and RAST techniques. Bronchial and conjunctival tests with the involved pollen extracts were also carried out to identify the sensitizing allergens. Five healthy subjects and 5 pollinic patients were used as control subjects and underwent the same tests. RESULTS: skin prick test responses with vine pollen at different concentrations were positive for the studied patient and negative for the control subjects. Patient serum revealed a total IgE titer of 334 IU/mL and a specific IgE value of 1.3 PRU/mL (RAST class 2) to vine pollen. Bronchial and conjunctival provocation test responses were also positive when the patient was challenged with V vinifera extract. CONCLUSION: Exposure to the pollen of the vineyard plants (V vinifera) can induce immunologic sensitization and rhinoconjunctivitis/asthma.
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