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1/1. Voices during sex: application of voice therapy to sexuality.

    Negative cognitions are capable of interfering with the natural flow of excitement and sexual desire at any point prior to, during, or following a sexual encounter. The source of these inimical thought patterns can be found in internalized parental attitudes that are transmitted intergenerationally and that also form the basis of sexual stereotyping. This paper describes the application of voice Therapy methods to the resulting sexual problems manifested in many couple relationships. Clinical material excerpted from group sessions illustrate the content of the "voice" process--the negative cognitions--and demonstrate the angry affect that accompanies the verbalization of such thoughts and attitudes. Exposing self-attacks and critical thoughts about one's partner has proved to have positive results in terms of improved sexual relationships. Also discussed are those prevailing cultural views that function to reinforce each individual's "voice," thereby contributing to much of the sexual distress experienced in personal relationships.
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