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1/1. Nodular cutaneous microsporidiosis in a patient with AIDS and successful treatment with long-term oral clindamycin therapy.

    BACKGROUND: In AIDS, nodular skin disease can result from various causes. OBJECTIVE: To report a new manifestation of microsporidial infection presenting as nodular skin disease with underlying osteomyelitis. DESIGN: Case report. SETTING: Tertiary-care military medical center in washington, D.C. PATIENT: A 36-year-old woman with late-stage AIDS who presented with disseminated, nodular cutaneous lesions and underlying osteomyelitis. MEASUREMENTS: Disseminated microsporidial infection with an encephalitozoon-like species was diagnosed by electron microscopic examination of material obtained from the skin lesions. INTERVENTION: The patient received long-term oral clindamycin therapy, which cured her disseminated infection. CONCLUSIONS: microsporidia can cause disseminated cutaneous infections in AIDS patients. The response of this patient to long-term clindamycin therapy merits further evaluation.
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