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1/2. vibrio parahemolyticus bacteremia: case report.

    vibrio parahemolyticus (V. parahemolyticus) is a halophilic gram-negative bacillus that lives in the ocean. It is the leading cause of infectious diarrhea in taiwan and sometimes produces soft tissue infections, but it is rarely a cause of bacteremia. There have been only 11 cases reported in the literature. Most of the cases involved a history of ingestion of seafood or exposure to seawater. In addition, those patients were all immunosuppressed, especially with leukemia and cirrhosis. We report a 60-year-old male patient with chronic hepatitis c and adrenal insufficiency. He developed V. parahemolyticus bacteremia following ingestion of seafood one week prior to admission. His condition was complicated with neck and right lower leg soft tissue infection, as well as multiple organ failure. The patient survived after intravenous ceftazidime, oral doxycycline, and surgical debridement. To our knowledge, this is the 12th reported cases on medline, and the second bacteremic case in taiwan. After reviewing the literature, we suggest that all patients with immunosuppressed conditions or adrenal insufficiency should eat foods that are well cooked and avoid raw seafood. Moreover, when patients who are at risk to develop fever, diarrhea, and soft tissue infection after ingestion of seafood, V. parahemolyticus infection should be suspected. All culture specimens should be inoculated on Vibrios selective media.
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2/2. Soft tissue infection caused by a novel pigmented, rapidly growing mycobacterium species.

    Molecular techniques are playing an important role in the diagnosis of nontuberculous mycobacterial infections. This case report describes a chronic soft tissue infection in an immunocompetent patient caused by a previously undescribed pigmented, rapidly growing mycobacterium species, emphasizing the importance of clinical suspicion and effective laboratory techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of infection.
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