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1/3. Oropharyngeal fetus in fetu.

    fetus in fetu is an extremely rare entity and refers to the growth of a "parasitic" twin within a more mature fetus due to its inclusion within cells of the blastocyst. The presence of a vertebral column is considered essential for the diagnosis of a fetus in fetu. The retroperitoneum is the most common location for a fetus in fetu and its location in the mouth is rare. We report a case of oropharyngeal mass detected on antenatal sonography with imaging features consistent with a fetus in fetu. Complete surgical removal of the mass was aided by imaging. Follow-up of these patients is recommended to detect the rare incidence of malignant degeneration. ( info)

2/3. Dental abnormalities associated with campomelic syndrome: case report.

    Campomelic syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disease. It is characterized by short stature with angulation and bowing of the lower limbs, hypoplasia of the facial bones, and various other skeletal anomalies. The facies are unusually flat with micrognathia, frequent cleft palate, hypertelorism, and micro-ophthalmia. Most infants with this syndrome die from severe respiratory distress within the first hours or days of life. Those who survive infancy are mentally retarded. This case report concerns the dental treatment of a 13-year-old female with campomelic syndrome. ( info)

3/3. Duplication of stomatodeal structures: report of three cases with literature review and suggestion for classification.

    Three cases of duplications of stomatodeal structures are reported. One had an accessory mouth that could move simultaneously with his mouth at sternal notch. Another had a teeth-bearing bony mass at left maxilla with excessive upper lip and a false pouch. The third had an excessive upper lip, upper jaw with teeth, and hard and soft palate. The literature is reviewed, and a classification is suggested: type I, a duplicated mouth; type II, duplication of maxilla-upper lip or mandible-lower lip complex; and type III, centrally located, poorly developed lip-jaw duplication. ( info)

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