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1/1. Retroperitoneal perforation of a duodenal diverticulum with colonic necrosis -- report of a case.

    Primary duodenal diverticula are usually asymptomatic. About 115 perforations have been reported, but none with right colon necrosis. We report a 45-year-old woman, with a five days history of high fever along with epigastric and periumbilical pain. physical examination revealed right upper and lower quadrant tenderness with peritoneal signs. White blood cell count was 11 500/mm (3) while biochemical and hepatic biology tests were normal. Abdominal radiographs showed no pathologic findings. Ultrasound disclosed fluid in the lower pelvis. Computerized tomography revealed fluid collection in the right hepatorenal space. Intraoperative findings included purulent fluid in the lower pelvis, segmental necrotic changes of the right colon, and a perforated diverticulum on the antimesenteric border of the third part of the duodenum. Surgery consisted of right hemicolectomy and ileo-transverse anastomosis, diverticulectomy, and decompressive lateral duodenostomy at the second duodenal portion. The patient had an uneventful postoperative course. A contrast study from the duodenostomy tube on the 6 (th) postoperative day showed no leakage or obstruction. duodenostomy tube was removed on the 14 (th) postoperative day. histology confirmed the diagnosis of a primary duodenal diverticulum.
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