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1/60. Recurrent acute suppurative thyroiditis in a child: case report.

    A 23-month-old girl presented with a history of persistent fever and growing left anterior neck mass following an upper respiratory tract infection. Laboratory studies revealed leukocytosis, elevated levels of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and c-reactive protein, and a mild impairment of thyroid function. Thyroid scan showed a decreased radioactive iodine uptake of the left thyroid gland. culture of the thyroid aspirate grew the mixed flora, viridans streptococci, prevotella spp, and peptostreptococcus magnus. She was discharged after a surgical drainage and a 14-day course of penicillin-G therapy. Unfortunately, she was readmitted for the resembling problems, the fever and progressing left anterior neck mass 3 months later. culture of thyroid aspirate also grew the viridans streptococci. She recovered after a 14-day course of penicillin-G therapy. A left pyriform sinus fistula was found by barium esophagogram. A selective operation was performed 8 weeks later. ( info)

2/60. Acute purulent thyroiditis with retropharyngeal and retrotracheal abscesses.

    An unusual case of acute purulent thyroiditis in a 45-year-old man forming a large abscess in the left lobe of the thyroid gland is described. It perforated the capsule at the posterior wall of the thyroid, causing extensive retropharyngeal and retrotracheal abscesses. The patient was treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics and surgical excision of the infected tissues. He has remained well one year after the operation. ( info)

3/60. Acute suppurative thyroiditis due to foreign body-induced retropharyngeal abscess presented as thyrotoxicosis.

    Acute suppurative thyroiditis is an uncommon condition. Most patients have preexisting oropharyngeal fistulae. Penetrating oropharyngeal injuries resulting from swallowed foreign bodies provide an acquired channel of infection spreading into the relatively resistant thyroid gland. The authors describe a patient with infective thyroiditis complicating retropharyngeal abscess caused by a chicken bone that perforated the upper esophagus. Transient thyrotoxicosis complicating acute suppurative thyroiditis is very rare. Pertechnetate and Ga-67 scans confirmed extensive inflammation of the thyroid gland and the release of hormones as the cause, as distinct from concurrent Graves' disease. awareness of this unusual complication is important to avoid inappropriate treatment for hyperthyroid disease. ( info)

4/60. Typhoid thyroiditis.

    Acute suppurative thyroiditis in a 62 year old lady with enteric fever is reported. Plain radiography of the neck showed a distinct localised abscess cavity with air fluid level. A rare causative agent salmonella typhi was isolated. Needle aspiration and antibiotics resulted in complete recovery. ( info)

5/60. Acute tonsillitis complicated by retropharyngeal and thyroid abscess infected with de-repressed beta lactamase citrobacter mutans.

    An unusual presentation of acute tonsillitis complicated by retropharyngeal and thyroid abscess is reported. Spontaneous rupture of retropharyngeal abscess resulted in necrotic fistulae between the pharyngeal wall and the retropharyngeal space. ( info)

6/60. A study of piriform sinus fistula cases.

    We have experienced five cases of piriform sinus fistula for the last 10 years. It is a relatively rare disease, and partly because of poor understanding of the disease, in one case infection had repeatedly recurred without being adequately treated for over 20 years, and in most cases there was a long time lapse before the diagnosis. In another case, it was difficult to image the fistula with contrast medium and fistulectomy was performed without identifying it on imaging. We have applied various devices to those cases where imaging of fistula was difficult, and achieved complete resection of fistula and have not observed recurrences of infection after resection. ( info)

7/60. Pyogenic thyroiditis and hiv infection.

    Infective thyroiditis remain rare disease entity. Six patients were seen in Jos, nigeria in the last five years. All of them were hiv positive. The presentation and management of these patients are high-lighted. The clinical features and bacteriology were similar to those previously documented for infective thyroiditis. ( info)

8/60. Fourth branchial arch fistula and suppurative thyroiditis: a life-threatening infection.

    A potentially life-threatening case of recurrent left-sided thyroid abscess formation secondary to a fourth branchial arch sinus fistula is presented. The patient developed a reversible left vocal fold palsy during an acute episode of suppurative thyroiditis requiring a temporary tracheostomy due to a compromised airway. Investigations commonly used to demonstrate this anomaly may fail to confirm the diagnosis as in the case presented and exploratory surgery with excision of the fistulous tract should still be considered. We describe a method of repairing the pharyngeal opening to reduce the risk of recurrence or pharyngeal leak. ( info)

9/60. Sonographic findings of tuberculous thyroiditis in a patient with Behcet's syndrome.

    We report a case of tuberculous thyroiditis in a woman with Behcet's syndrome. The initial physical examination in May 1998 revealed multiple soft, nontender, mobile lymph nodes, each measuring less than 1 cm, in the left lower internal jugular chain. Sonography performed in February 2000 showed multiple small (< 1 cm), oval lymph nodes, each with an intact fatty hilum, in the left lower internal jugular chain; the thyroid gland appeared normal. Follow-up sonography 6 months later showed multifocal, heterogeneous, hypoechoic lesions with ill-defined margins in both lobes of the thyroid and several small, oval lymph nodes, each with an intact fatty hilum, in the left lower internal jugular chain. Fine-needle aspiration was performed on the largest thyroid lesion, and cytologic analysis of the aspirate revealed a small number of epithelioid histiocytes in a necrotic background, which was suggestive of tuberculosis. Follow-up sonography after 3 months of antituberculosis chemotherapy showed that the thyroid lesions had resolved. ( info)

10/60. Diabetes and infarcted papillary thyroid cancer.

    A young black Jordanian lady who has type one diabetes, chronic diabetic complication and ischemic heart disease, presented with a picture of diabetic keto-acidosis, precipitated by an acute neck swelling. This was suggestive of acute suppurative thyroiditis with abscess formation causing compressive symptoms. This unfortunate patient had an eventful course despite aggressive treatment by antibiotics and surgery and then succumbed of an acute cardiac event. The operative tissue biopsy revealed an abscess in an infarcted papillary thyroid cancer. We believe this is a rare presentation of such an association with a fatal outcome. ( info)
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