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1/1. Surgical repositioning of traumatically intruded permanent incisor: case report with a 10-year follow up.

    This report describes the case of a 10-year-old boy that was referred to the pediatric dentistry clinic 15 days after sustaining a severe traumatism that led to complete intrusion of the maxillary left mature permanent central incisor. The intruded tooth was repositioned by using surgical extrusion. Endodontic therapy was performed with calcium hydroxide-based paste as root canal dressing and root canal filling was performed with a calcium hydroxide-based root sealer and gutta-percha points. The postoperative course was uncomplicated, with both clinical and radiographic success up to 10 years of follow up. In this case surgical repositioning combined with endodontic therapy constituted a viable alternative treatment for intrusive luxations in mature permanent teeth.
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