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1/1. A case of subprimary suprarenal tuberculosis.

    In spite of the current availability of new and more up-to-date methods of prevention, diagnosis and therapy, specific forms in general and the ability to perform rapid, efficacious and resolutory operations, a number of cases of subprimary or secondary tuberculosis still exist which are most probably the result of delayed diagnosis, contagious episodes or the failure to adhere to recommended treatment protocols and, often, less than optimum medical therapy. A rare case of adrenal tuberculosis diagnosed in a patient hospitalized for left renal calculosis is reported. Routine tests indicated a specific form of diagnosis, and during surgery for left renal calculosis the patient underwent left adrenalectomy. Histological tests confirmed the initial diagnosis. For 180 days after the operation the patient received pharmacological treatment directed specifically against Koch's bacillus.
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