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11/103. Tuberculous liver abscess: a case report and review of literature.

    Tuberculous liver abscess is rare worldwide. We report a 45-year-old man who presented with abdominal pain, fever and weight loss. Ultrasound and computed tomography of the abdomen showed multiple cystic lesions in the liver. Ultrasound guided needle aspiration revealed yellowish brownish aspirate, which was flooded with acid-fast bacilli. The abscess was drained under ultrasound guidance. Subsequent abdominal ultrasound a few days later showed resolution of the abscess cavity. He was concomitantly started on systemic antituberculous therapy. A tuberculous liver abscess has to be thought of in the differential diagnosis of liver abscesses and to consider the role of percutaneous drainage along with systemic antituberculous chemotherapy as an alternative to surgery in the management. A greater awareness of this clinical entity is required for successful treatment. ( info)

12/103. Hepatosplenic tuberculosis mimicking disseminated candidiasis in patients with acute leukemia.

    Two cases of hepatosplenic tuberculosis in patients with acute leukemia during or after chemotherapy following prolonged neutropenia are presented. Tuberculosis should be considered as one cause of hepatosplenic abscesses during prolonged neutropenia, especially in countries where the disease is endemic. ( info)

13/103. Computed tomography and angiography in hepatic tuberculosis mimicking liver tumor.

    Tuberculosis is one of the most common and well-documented infectious diseases, with a vast variety of clinical manifestations. A case of isolated hepatic tuberculosis mimicking liver tumor is presented. The patient was a 44-year-old man who had suffered from intermittent epigastralgia for about 2 years. Abdominal computed tomography demonstrated a low density mass with internal calcification over the left lobe of the liver. Celiac angiography showed encasement of the hepatic propia and occlusion of the left hepatic artery. Abnormal tortuous vascular structures were found at the hepatic hilar region. The patient underwent surgical intervention under the impression of left liver tumor. Microscopically, the resected liver tissue specimen revealed tuberculosis. ( info)

14/103. Tuberculosis transmitted through transplantation.

    Tuberculosis in solid organ transplant recipients is associated with relatively high morbidity and mortality and is often extra-pulmonary. Reactivation of dormant infection is the usual mode of acquisition with donor and nosocomial transmission occurring infrequently. We report two cases of probable donor transmitted extra-pulmonary infection where both isolates of mycobacterium tuberculosis proved to be indistinguishable using hemi-nested inverse PCR of the IS 6110 region. ( info)

15/103. Solitary tuberculous abscess of liver.

    Tuberculous liver abscess (TLA) is an extremely rare condition even in the country where tuberculosis is an alarming public health problem. Here a case of TLA is reported from nepal with diagnostic and management principles and review of literature. ( info)

16/103. Subcapsular tubercular liver abscess.

    A young female married for the last 2 years but without any issue presented with lump in the right upper abdomen. This was proved to be a subcapsular liver abscess on USG and CT scan and proved to be tubercular on needle aspiration cytology. She was given four drugs antitubercular treatment (ATT). After four months of ATT she conceived and it was decided by both parents to continue the pregnancy. The three drug ATT was continued throughout the pregnancy and she delivered a perfectly healthy baby. Upto three months follow up the mother and baby were perfectly healthy. The subcapsular tubercular liver abscess is extremely rare and conception during treatment may be the first case in literature. ( info)

17/103. Hepatic tuberculosis--a case report.

    Though abdominal tuberculosis is fairly common in our country, incidence of tuberculous hepatitis is rare. The authors reported a case who presented to the surgical OPD of the NRS Medical College, Calcutta with complaints of right upper quadrant abdominal pain, flatulent dyspepsia, nausea and occasional vomiting. ultrasonography (USG) revealed fibrotic gall bladder without any calculus suggesting chronic acalculus cholecystitis. On exploration of the abdomen, the gall bladder was found to be fibrotic and thickened without any calculus. Multiple scarred nodules of different sizes were found in the liver. cholecystectomy was done and a scarring nodule from the liver was taken for histopathological examination which revealed a tuberculous granuloma. Histopathology of the gall bladder showed cholesterosis. The patient responded to antituberculous drugs. ( info)

18/103. Disseminated tuberculosis presenting as hemobilia, successfully treated by arterial embolization.

    Tuberculosis, specially disseminated tuberculosis, involves the liver frequently. Focal hepatic tuberculosis with local hemorrhage has been reported. We report on a twenty-one year female with disseminated tuberculosis presenting with initially non-localisable massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding, subsequently found to have pancreatitis, right sided pleural effusion and hemobilia which was treated successfully. ( info)

19/103. Hepatic sarcoidosis.

    We describe six cases of hepatic sarcoidosis. Clinical presentation was with weight loss, hepatomegaly and abnormal liver function tests. In addition there was fever, itching, splenomegaly and abdominal lymphadenopathy in some. CT scan revealed mediastinal lymphadenopathy in all. Liver biopsy showed noncaseating epithelioid granulomas. serum angiotensin converting enzyme was elevated in four cases. All patients had received anti-tuberculosis treatment with clinical diagnosis of hepatic tuberculosis. None of them improved, while some showed clinical deterioration. All patients responded to corticosteroids with disappearance of symptoms and normalization of liver function tests. ( info)

20/103. Primary solitary tuberculosis of the liver.

    Primary solitary tuberculous involvement of the liver is a rare condition. We present the case of a patient who was operated on with a preoperative diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma. Liver resection was performed and antituberculous therapy was started. It is difficult to make the correct diagnosis preoperatively except when a successful needle biopsy can be performed. Despite the rarity of the condition primary solitary tuberculosis should be considered among the space occupying lesions of the liver. ( info)
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