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1/1. Dermatological symptoms and sexual abuse: a review and case reports.

    Dermatological symptoms in cases of sexual abuse can be very diverse. To establish a causal relationship between skin diseases and sexual abuse is particularly difficult. In dermatology, three main areas of presentation can be identified. ACUTE CONSEQUENCES: Direct injuries found on the genitalia and body. Behaviour and psychological changes seen. sexually transmitted diseases (STD) may be identified, after an appropriate incubation period. LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES: In the long term, even decades later, patients may manifest with a wide spectrum of psychosomatic manifestations of skin diseases, particularly factitious disorders. IMITATIONS: A group whose skin manifestations may mimic and be mistaken for sexual abuse. The initial suspicion of sexual abuse and the need for specific questioning and investigations can lead to a disturbance in the doctor-patient relationship.
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